ASC and Museum of Science and Industry

ASC ended yesterday at Naperville, Illinois after a lot of suspense right at the end. Our car broke down while it was still one and a half hours away from the finish line and had to be towed across a bridge before it was fixed. We made it Naperville with 6 minutes to spare!

This is our best EVER finish in the American Solar Challenge. We were also recognized at the awards ceremony for helping other teams get McMaster orders in to pass scrutineering.

All in all, a memorable event and we’d like to thank all the organizers and teams for making it possible.

We also had an outreach event this morning at the Museum of Science and Industry and put our car on display there. The Museum is awesome!

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  1. Clif Brown

    I just found out about the race from a news story on EvanstonNow. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to follow your progress as the race unfolded. To me, this is far more exciting than NASCAR.

    I’m curious – how fast do the cars go under optimal conditions and how much is your speed affected by cloudy weather? How does the driver keep from dying of the heat in such a tiny space?

  2. Jonathan Cook

    Glad you’re interested!

    Our car’s maximum speed is estimated at 70mph, and the fastest we’ve ever gone is 61 which we hit for about 1 minute. Driving that fast isn’t very efficient though, so our racing speeds are usually about 35mph. That does depend on how much sunlight is available, and it all factors into our team’s energy strategy for the whole race.

    On a bright, summer day in Texas we’ve been able to get 1200W of power from the solar array which can drive the car at about 30mph without using energy from the battery pack.

    Hope you’ll follow us on the next race this summer! If you want to sign up for our newsletter please email me at gro.r1438561454alosu1438561454n@ros1438561454nops1438561454 and I’ll add you to our list.

    Oh, and the cockpit is quite uncomfortable for the driver, but they have water and don’t drive for more than 6 hours. It can be hard though!

  3. Lydia Kenyon

    What is the average time that it takes for you to create a solar car?

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