This is why we test.

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This weekend’s testing was less than ideal.  We were running the car through dynamic testing when we noticed something disconcerting.  The left front suspension was heating up rather severely.

Initially I thought that we had blown out the bearings in the hub.  Failed bearings, while not a common problem for us, are not unusual.  Strangely enough, when I pulled the suspension apart and took a look, the bearings were perfectly alright (There are two bearings in each hub).

My best guess was that one off the brake pads is dragging on the rotor more than it should.  This is an easy but time consuming problem to fix.  Fortunately, we caught this problem earlier rather than later.

This is why we still are taking the car out testing even though it has been built for two years.  It is much easier to fix things at home than it is to fix things on the side of the road.

-Dan Cornew

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