A cloudy day

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Some of us got up early this morning so we could get the array out and test. We have built a stand that allows us to tilt the array at various angles, so we can always be getting maximum power from the sun. Unfortunately, bad weather has moved in. The radar shows clouds and thunderstorms for most of the morning. Not only does this mean we won’t get good data because of the cloud cover, we don’t even want to risk taking the car out because of the rain and lightning. As a result, we have a lot of time to write blog posts and try to finish up some other miscellaneous tasks.

At 8 this morning, we have a meeting with all the other teams to go over the rules and regulations for the Formula Sun Grand Prix, which runs from tomorrow through Friday. The FSGP also serves as a qualifier for the cross country American Solar Challenge. Our main goals for the rest of the day:

-Install our new rear view camera screen
-Finish securing the bolts on the suspension
-Install new flex lock nuts that should arrive soon
-If the weather cooperates, get some array data
-Help other teams so as many as possible qualify for the rayce!

If you want an update on how every team is doing, check out this link to see their qualification status. We should be all green sooner rather than later!

-Michael Sherer

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