Live Blogging from the ASC: Day 1

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12:30 pm

Still holding 4th place. Trying to get on the radio with Kaohsiung University of Taiwan to see if they are planning to attempt ay pass.Speed limit’s up to 60! Should we go 60? Apparently not.

1:40 pm

We just got held up as a result of some electrical issues. But we are good now and we hope to gain some ground on the other teams.

2:10 pm

It has been relatively smooth sailing for the past half an hour. Hopefully it continues this way for a while!

2:45 pm
We just passed University of Texas and Iowa State University. Hopefully we can keep this up and get closer to the leaders by the end of the day. Best of luck to UT and Iowa with their cars.

6:00 pm

We had a good spell of racing from 3:00 pm- 5:00 pm. Arrived at the checkpoint at Neosho, MO at around 4:45 and left at 5:35. Hopefully we can race till around 6:25 and then find a decent place to stay. We are currently ahead of Iowa State and UT, Austin. Missouri and Kentucky are ahead of us by an hour or so. We are hoping for a less interrupted race day tomorrow, so we can get back on track. The electrical team and Dan put in a stopgap solution to ensure the electrical components in the battery protection circuit do not come loose again. We did some charging at Neosho, but we might need to do some more once the race day is over.

6:15 pm

We have just pulled over at the side of the road and the array stand is out. It’s time to go help the team charge. That’s the end of Day 1 !

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