Thank you, Molex.

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Thank you, Molex

NUsolar appreciates Molex’s generous donation of electrical connection supplies and tools. Molex’s compact, reliable, and easy to install connectors are a major part of the success of our new electrical system.  Some of the parts we received come in rolls, connector pins for example, and so they number in the hundreds, but luckily can’t be spilled all over the place.  We have plans to build some sort of rack to keep the rolls organized as well.  These parts are allowing us to put our electrical system for the car back together and back into the car so that we can do some road testing this week.  Yay for spring break!  Unfortunately, the forecast doesn’t look like it’s in our favor, but in Chicago, that can always change.

Here we have a picture of Johnny Sun holding only a fraction of the delivery that was made.

Kristin Landry and Alex Zhu