Race team hits the road for Indy

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Yesterday was a frenzy of packing, cleaning and last-minute repairs to get the team and SC5 ready to depart this morning for Indianapolis.

The race crew will leave this morning on the four hour drive to FSGP 2011 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. First round of scrutineering is at 4 p.m., during which the car will be measured and inspected to ensure that it falls under the maximum size requirements and that the turn signals and brake lights are working. The scrutineers will also check that the driver has proper visibility through the windshield and rear view camera. Drivers will have to pass the egress test, meaning they must be able to engage the parking brake, unstrap the seat belt and get out of the car within 10 seconds.

After inspection, it’s off to the track to unpack the trailer and then to the hotel for some much-needed rest before more scrutineering Tuesday morning.

Wish us luck, and check back for live updates from Indy!

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