Learning, just ’cause

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Working for money and toiling for grades have kept me away from the team so far this fall. But tonight I arrived in our usual meeting room to see it milling with strangers. Small strangers. Yes – our team has been taken over by a bright, excited flock of freshmen, and they’re in boot camp.

I’m lurking at the right side of the room. At one chalkboard panel up front, Chris Yungmann is demonstrating in rough, noisy white lines how the controller-area network functions. The newbies are watching, sort of slouching, but they’re asking good questions.

In the middle of the room, Jonathan Cook sits on a table while the new ones lean back in their chairs, which make a half-circle around him. He’s explaining the finer points of sponsorship and speaking longingly of all the amazing things we could do with more money. “We’re cooking up something cool,” he says to me.

It’s late at night; it’s their first month of college; the lesson projected on the screen in tiny text is confusing; and the freshmen want to be here anyway! Go team.

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