Meet the new players

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Four new team members came out yesterday to test the car. We drove it around our usual haunts – Green Bay Road and Sheridan. Nothing broke, so the new kids perhaps didn’t learn much.

Meet ’em:

Matt Felz is a freshman from Buffalo Grove, Ill. He’s a mechanical engineering major and joined the team to gain skills. “It’s a good time over here,” he said.

Matt Felz, freshman

Junior Esther Wolff is from Evanston, Ill. She majors in manufacturing and design engineering and said she joined the team to get hands-on experience.

Esther Wolff, junior

Mihir Boddupalli is a freshman from Naperville, Ill. He hasn’t declared a major yet but knows it will be in engineering. He wants to get some practical experience working with the car. And: “I thought it was cool.”

Mihir Boddupalli, freshman

Ola Okeowo is a freshman from Nigeria. He’s a mechanical engineering major and said he’s excited about the renewable energy aspect of NUsolar. And he loves cars.

Ola Okeowo, freshman

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