Spring Cleaning? Why not Winter Cleaning!?

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Last weekend, the team got together to clean up our garage, and recycle some things we didn’t need anymore. First, we took everything out of the garage and set it outside in the parking lot. It took about 3 parking spots worth of space, but then again, the garage hasn’t been cleaned this thoroughly in years. Next, we decided what we needed to keep, and sorted it into our new toolboxes and labeled them. After that, we sweeped the floor (there were a lot of leaves!) and everything went back in. I was surprised at how much more space there was afterwards–I had never seen the garage that empty. Matt’s wooden structures for storing things like our work lights and old oscilloscopes above our workspace definitely helped free up extra square footage in the garage, as did our new, stackable toolboxes. Although it was the middle of February, it wasn’t too chilly–the temperature hovered around freezing the whole day. Or maybe we just didn’t think it was cold because we’ve spent a few winters in Chicago before…

Anyways, once we get our foam plug back and begin working on the shell of our new solar car, I’m sure the garage will quickly fill up again–and I can’t wait. Here are some photos of the garage after we were done:

The right side of the garage: toolboxes, work lamps, gas containers, and coolers and a freezer (for storing carbon fiber) in the back.
The left side of the garage: cones, tires, tool carts, and various containers

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