Baking Our Mold

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Nothing like waking up early to the smell of some fresh baked goods, huh? Well instead, we woke up super early yesterday to drive our mold out to Woodstock, IL, home of Precision Quincy, who manufactures ovens and communications shelters.   They’ve got an oven big enough for our mold to fit in, so we threw it in for a post-cure so it can sustain 350ºF temperatures for the carbon fiber cure.  We also threw in the bubble mold to prepare it for thermoforming, which will be happening at Profile Plastics in the next few weeks!

Bottom/Bubble Molds in the Oven at Precision Quincy

Thanks to Precision Quincy for letting us use their oven!  We’ll be back on Friday and Saturday to do our carbon fiber layups for the shell!

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