Hello Again to SC6

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In this Sunday’s work session, the freshman recruits received some more advanced training specific to their intended role on the team. Here, Chris is walking recruits through an electronics tutorial:

While that was happening, a group of us went and got SC6, the solar car we competed with this summer, out of the trailer and into the garage. Seeing the car for the first time since the race 3 months ago instantly brought back a wave of memories from the most hectic, exciting, challenging, and unforgettable week of the summer. The trailer even smelled exactly the same as it did when we left it!

Anyways, we plopped the car down in the Autobay and took a good look at it. When school started we made a list of all the things that would need to be fixed on SC6, and it was a very long list we made, but seeing the car and it’s issues in real life made it much clearer what we’re facing this year. Not only are there parts that haven’t been installed or need to be improved, but there are certain areas that we need to tear out and start fresh on. Many last-minute fixes were put on the car that were questionable but got the job done in the short term, yet will be unacceptable for reliable long term use. So, all those will have to be reimagined and reengineered. I think our new freshman class will be feeling busy soon…

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