Texas Bound for FSGP ’13

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We received word that the 2013 Formula Sun Grand Prix will be held June 24-29 at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX.

Circuit of the Americas aerial view - from www.nickyhayden.com

Racing on Circuit of the Americas will be a great experience, and I’m very glad this venue was chosen (no offense, California). Circuit of the Americas is the most modern racetrack in North America, and was designed to hold Formula One races. It held it’s first event, the 2012 United States Grand Prix, last month. The circuit is a brand-spanking-new (opened October 2012) facility that’s received great reviews from fans and drivers alike. Once our solar car takes to the track this summer, the hot Texas sun should give our array tons of power, while giving our battery cooling system a good workout. The circuit is very wide and has been designed with contemporary safety features like extra-width curbs and large runoff zones, so racing our solar car on it should be a good experience.

There will be only one week between finals week and the beginning of the race, so that puts us on a rather tight schedule–there won’t be much time to do final checks, pack, and head down to Texas after finals end. However, that’s also a good thing because team members who have internships and research positions in the summer won’t have a disruption in the middle of the summer causing them to leave their jobs.

Anyways, like I said I’m really looking forward to racing in Texas. Here’s more info about the track:

Wikipedia page

Gallery of its construction

Lap around the track:

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