Out With the Old

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We had our first work session of winter quarter last Saturday. The goal of the work session was to coarsely cut out the ribs (our term for the carbon fiber panels that make up the frame of the car). First, we removed all the remaining components in the car, such as the brakes, steering, and shocks, then took the body outside and roughly cut out the ribs using a sawzall, making sure not to damage the body. Later, we will use more precise methods to completely remove the ribs from the body. Watch a brief video containing footage from the process below:

Since sawing the panels creates carbon fiber dust, those of us who worked on that had to don respirators. Here’s Ebay showing off his respirator and sawzall:

Ebay with his respirator and sawzall at the ready

After the work session, we killed some time in the Mechatronics lab playing a few heated games of Curve Fever before heading off to our very first team dinner at the Celtic Knot. In addition to satisfying our cravings for great food, the Celtic Knot also satisfies our craving to doodle, with their free crayons and paper-lined tables. I think we’ll be eating here more often in the future!

Nick’s pre-dinner masterpiece

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