Thank You to Our Supporters!

To Our Current and Future Sponsors,

Building a solar car isn’t easy. It takes unimaginable time, effort, and resources. It takes real camaraderie, teamwork, and dedication. It requires an open-minded mentally that consists of taking risks, pursuing seemingly wild ideas, and learning from mistakes. Yet in spite of all this, we wouldn’t ask for a less challenging project. Through all the sleepless nights and head-scratching frustrations, we are left with life-long friends, experiences, and a solar car we are proud of.

We would love for you to be a part of our journey.

As a sponsor for NUsolar, you would not only be supporting the development of our next solar car, but also contributing to the education and growth of the next generation of engineers. Moreover, we offer a list of other benefits ranging from exclusive gear to extensive advertising opportunities for your organization.

Traditionally, our sponsors have donated to us in the form of materials or money. However, we welcome any support we can get. If you think you have a unique idea of how you can support us, please reach out to us in our Contact Us section. You can also learn more about our sponsorship opportunities through our Sponsorship Packet.

As always, your support to the team is graciously appreciated. While we do so much of the work ourselves, understand that this team would not work without all the past, current, and future sponsors that have and will help us in the coming years.

For that, Thank You.

Oliver Yocum
Project Manager

Donation Options

If you are an individual donor interested in supporting our team, please donate via the following instructions below
  1. Visit the Northwestern Donation Portal
  2.  Under Gift Amount, enter the amount you would like to donate
  3. To select NUsolar as the gift recipient, select the Search Additional Gift Designations under the Designations heading. 
  4. In the search bar for the popup that should appear, type in “solar car team”, and check Solar Car Team under Give to Student Experience at Northwestern. 
  5. Click Continue
  6. Follow the rest of the online instructions and steps given on the donation page to finish the donation
If you are a corporate sponsor looking to support the team through funding, material, etc, please contact us through our email at