The team has built 6 cars in the past and is making additions to its 7th for competition next summer of 2020.

These are our past cars:



SC5 placed 3rd in the Formula Sun Grand Prix 3 years in a row (’09-’11) and has completed 2 American Solar Challenges.



NU’Nergy, our 4th car, placed 5th at the 2005 Formula Sun Grand Prix and qualified for the 2005 North American Solar Challenge.


nu sun 2

NUsun was designed to compete in the 2003 American Solar Challenge, from Chicago to Los Angeles, as an open class entry.


nergy 4

‘Nergy traversed historic Route 66 during the 2001 American Solar Challenge. Later, it was put on display at the Adler Planetarium.


solar cat

SolarCat, our very first solar car, was built to compete in Sunrayce 1999, a solar car race from Washington, D.C. to Florida.