We are a small, student-run organization looking to constantly expand as we look towards tackling bigger challenges and larger projects. Any Northwestern Student is welcome to join our team: There is no application required. Although most of our members are undergraduate engineers, we welcome students of all majors and talents. 

As passionately expressed in our Mission statement, NUSolar is dedicated first and foremost towards enhancing Northwestern education by applying all that we learn in class into the context of a real project with real consequences. You do not need any experience to join our team. All that we ask is that you come with an attitude to dedication and willingness to learn 

Projects and Subteams

  • Mechanical Team
  • Aerodynamic Design Team
  • Battery Box Design
  • Suspension Design
  • Electrical Team


As with most organizations and teams, please keep in mind that what you take our of this team is what you put into it. Every year, we have about 15 members that consistently work on the car, which a few more members that come infrequently. Every year, we plan a couple of large projects where we could use every hand available. If you’re thoroughly interested in joining the team, we would love to have you.

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