We are a small, student-run organization looking to constantly expand as we look towards tackling bigger challenges and larger projects. Any Northwestern Student is welcome to join our team: no application or prior experience is required. Although most of our members are undergraduate engineers, we welcome students of all majors and talents. 

As passionately expressed in our Mission Statement, NUSolar is dedicated first and foremost towards enhancing the educational experience of our student members by applying what we learn in classes into the context of a project with real consequences. While no prior experience es required to join our team, we ask is that you come with an attitude to dedication and willingness to learn

Projects and Subteams

  • Mechanical Team
    • Aeroshell and Composites
    • Suspension 
    • Frame
    • Battery Box
  • Electrical Team
    • Batteries and BMS
    • Motors and Motorcontrollers
  • Software Team
    • Driver Display
  • Business Team
    • Sponsorships and Grant Writing
    • Outreach 
    • Team financial management
    • Purchase Orders


All sub-teams have weekly meetings lasting two hours or more; there is an all team meeting Sundays from 1 to ~5 PM and separate meetings throughout the week. The expectation is consistent attendance; if an extraneous situation arises, then the respective sub-team lead should be notified. We are always willing to accommodate our member’s schedules.

As with any organization or team, please keep in mind that what you take out is what you put in. We have about 20 members that consistently work on the car and several members that come less frequently. Every year, we plan several large projects where we any and help is appreciated. If you’re thoroughly interested in joining the team, we would love to have you!

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