NUsolar 2017

Team History

The Northwestern University Solar Car Team (NUsolar) is an undergraduate student organization that designs, builds, and races solar-powered vehicles. 

NUsolar was founded in 1997 by students and faculty at Northwestern University. Our first car, Sun Cat, was completed in 1999. Since then, we have built seven more vehicles and participated in over 10 solar car races.

Our mission is to enhance the education and career preparation for Northwestern students by providing hands-on project management, design, and manufacturing experience in addition to providing an outlet for students to demonstrate their skills and commitment to potential employers. We also promote alternative energy by increasing the “green” energy awareness in the community and demonstrating the feasibility of solar power.

Years of Experience
Solar Power

Team Leadership

Project Manager

Fellipe Sebastiam (2018)  is pursuing a dual degree in both the McCormick School of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences (Economics). Before becoming Project Manager he was part of the Mechanical team and worked with suspension design. As Project Manager, Fellipe oversees the entirety of NUsolar, including the construction of the car, the status of the electrical and mechanical teams, the many sponsorship deals, and the details of the race.

Mechanical Lead

David Geng (2019) is pursuing a degree in the McCormick School of Engineering for Mechanical Engineering. He has been with the team since his freshman year and became Mechanical Lead his junior year. As Mechanical Lead, David oversees the construction of the car. To do so, he leads the mechanical team and makes sure all projects are completed on time.

Electrical Lead

Sylvia Fu (2018) is pursing a degree in Electrical Engineering from the McCormick School of Engineering. She joined the team in her sophomore year and became the Electrical Lead in the 2017-2018 school year. As the Electrical Lead, Sylvia is in charge of the electrical team and all its projects, including setting up SC7's battery, circuitry and solar cell array.


Alex Silver
2017 - Mechanical

Shuyue Zheng
2017 - Electrical

Sylvia Fu
2018 - Electrical

Austin Han
2018 - Mechanical

Fellipe Sebastiam
2018 - Mechanical

Ethan Park
2018 - Electrical

Kerui Tan
2018 - Mechanical

Frank Wang
2018 - Electrical

Akash Borde
2019 - Electrical

Emily Feng
2019 - Business

David Geng
2019 - Mechanical

Charlie Costakis
2020 - Electrical

Crystal Gong
2020 - Mechanical

Andrew Lin
2020 -  Mechanical

Mark Liu
2020 - Business

Lindon Liu
2020 - Mechanical

Dylan Montgomery
2020 - Mechanical

Ieva Stakvile
2020 -  Mechanical

Emily Zhao
2020 - Business

Tom O'Donnel


Mr. Comolli is Founder and President of DMAXX, LLC, a software and service provider that has been providing office solutions to the CTA community since 1994. He is an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University.

Professor Ehmann is a professor of mechanical engineering. He is also a fellow of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and a fellow of SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers).

Dr. Herbst is a clinical professor of mechanical engineering and a director of the Master of Product Developmental Program.

Professor Wu is a professor in the department of electrical engineering and computer science. He has been at Northwestern University since 1983.