“I wrote about NU solar in my “Why Northwestern” essay because of my interest in sustainability and robotics. While in NU Solar I have learned real-world applications for what I learn in class. The club is very collaborative across teams and subteams to aid each other in our projects. Everyone in the team helps each other fill knowledge gaps in learning shop skills, Ansys, Solidworks, and more.

My favorite thing about NU solar has been the people i’ve met and being part of a team who are all passionate about engineering and sustainability like me.”

Bella Fishman, Class of 2025

“My favorite memory of Solar was spring quarter last year when Vinnie, Antony, Matthew and I built the whole battery box from scratch after having spent the last few weeks doing battery testing. The transition from no measurable productivity to a collective massive leap forwards in progress precipitated by a grind was satisfying.

I have learned a lot about electrical engineering, which has been very fun and interesting. As a mechanical engineer with a focus in robotics I have learned a lot of critical information for robotics I would have not learned elsewhere.”

Max McCune, Class of 2024