We are leaving for Texas in 4 days!

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Life is very hectic right now.  We are leaving for texas in 4 days, but first we have to take all our finals and finish all our projects.

Scrutineering for The American Solar Challenge begins on June 12th and ends on June 15th.  This is especially tight for us northwestern students since the last day of finals week is June 11th, and it takes two days to drive down to Texas.  Not only have we re-arranged our finals and finished some projects, but also rayce preparation and final road testing is taking up a lot of our time.

We spent Saturday packing up our trailer, and today (Sunday) we were on the road collecting data.  For rayce strategy, it is important to know how much power it takes to go at certain speeds. So, we ran the car for 0-50 mph and got all the data we needed.  We also had some minor electrical problems (lose connections and such), but one of our freshmen, Michael Sherer, fixed it with ease.  It would seem we have taught our minions well! We have it as a personal goal to teach all of our members what we do on NUsolar. In the past, we have gotten caught up in the rayce and switched our focus a bit. It looks as if this year all the freshmen are well prepared and are proving to be a great asset to the team!

All in all, it has been, and promises to be, an exhilarating time for us.  If you want to see the schedule for the rayce, check it out here. Follow us! We’d be happy to take you along for the ride!

-Dan Cornew

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