Foam from General Plastics

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NUsolar would like to extend a thank-you to General Plastics for their generous donation of high-temperature, high-density foam. General Plastics is a leading supplier of high-density polyurethane foam to the aerospace, construction, marine, and other industries. Our General Plastics foam is currently being machined into plugs which will allow us to create the composite shell of our car.

We got the foam in separate shipments throughout late fall quarter and winter break. It was challenging moving the large and heavy shipments around (see below), but we managed to get it where we needed it to be.

We wholeheartedly appreciate General Plastics’ donation, it is a vital step in the process of getting SC6* out of the CAD screen and into the real world!

*SC6 is our tentative name for our 6th generation solar car, which we are currently working on. It just stands for solar car number 6. Do you have a more creative name we could use? Please leave it in a comment; we are looking for a better name!

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