Guess who’s back!

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Remember that time we sent some foam to Advanced Pattern Works? Well, we got it back yesterday. It came on a big flatbed semi: All hands were on deck as we unloaded the foam plug and got ready to ship it to the auto body shop by loading it in our team trailer. By the way, if you were wondering what our new car looks like, the secret is out–this bottom plug shows the basic shape of the underbody. There is a similar piece for the top.

The surface finish on the foam is pretty good. Only when viewed up close can you tell that it’s a little rough, with a diagonal lay (pattern of lines) from the machining process.

We sent the foam to Dempster Auto Rebuilders, an auto shop located 2 miles southwest of campus. They will sand the plugs to get rid of those marks on the surface, and make them perfectly smooth.

Once we get it back, we’ll be doing fiberglass and carbon fiber layups using these plugs to make the body of our car, which is arguably the most major (and riskiest) step in the creation of a solar car. Spring Break 2012, baby!

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