Practice Fiberglass Layups

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Today, we practiced doing fiberglass layups by making simple rectangles with Nomex honeycomb material in the middle. They are currently curing in the shop, and I hope they turn out well. It was a bit difficult to get a good vacuum seal around the part, but with some adjustments to the seals we managed to do so in the end. In the photo above is Terry and Ayoka finishing the seal for the second layup. A proper seal is important so that the finished part has no air pockets in it, which make the material significantly weaker.

We also got the bottom plug and bubble plug back from Dempster Auto today. They did a great job sanding them. We waxed them in our garage to make them even smoother, then stored them in our trailer, where they will stay until we are ready to do fiberglass layups on them. The bottom plug is for the bottom half of our car, and the bubble plug is for the area where the driver’s head will be, which is the only part of the car above the solar array.

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