Fiberglass – a closer look

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Here’s two close-ups of the fiberglass layups we did earlier this week. First, the 1/8″ thick piece:

As you can see, it is very uniform in appearance because the epoxy solution covered the fiberglass and seeped into the Nomex evenly at every point. Now let’s look at the 1/4″ thick piece:

In this photo of a small section of the 1/4″ thick piece, at the bottom, epoxy solution covered the fiberglass surface and went into the Nomex. However, at the top, there are rounded square holes in the fiberglass because it was not fully coated with the epoxy solution, which would have covered them.  In addition, no solution made it into the Nomex honeycomb. Although it’s not necessary for epoxy solution to enter the Nomex because it doesn’t contribute any strength there, it doing so is a sure sign that the fiberglass is properly coated.

Gotta go back to work, will write more later today.

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