New School Year (finally)

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Yes, it seems like we’re the last school in the nation to do so, but Northwestern University is finally starting class today.

That means NUsolar activities for the school year are starting up too! Our 2012-2013 kickoff meeting will be on Sunday, September 30th, at noon, and we’ll begin the meeting in front of the Ford building. All students interested in joining the team are invited to come. We’ll be introducing the team to new members and showing everyone the wide range of opportunities there are on the team. Later, we’ll head to downtown Evanston to grab a bite to eat — more specific details to follow.

An interesting year should be ahead for the team. This year, we’ll be focusing not just on getting our new car back into fighting shape, but also making our team stronger. By that we mean we’re looking for ways to be more productive, have better communication, and use our time more efficiently. Hopefully all that will translate into a better car, or at least, a less stressful year.

See you at the kickoff meeting!

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