Autobay cleanup, Freshman training

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This Sunday we held our first work session. For now we’re splitting off into two groups: the new freshman members are receiving training from the senior members, while the junior and sophomore members are completing tasks. This way, the team doesn’t have to come to a complete stop to train new recruits, but they’re still going to get brought up to speed effectively by the most experienced members of the team. The training started this week with a powerpoint presentation going over the structure of the team, and technical details about the car’s design and performance. Then, freshmen were shown SC5, our last-generation car.

Freshman were eager to get out of their seats and get their hands on actual solar car components after the long powerpoint presentation

While that was happening, we were also cleaning up the Autobay, the garage in the Ford building where we work. We sorted through a lot of old things and got rid of what we didn’t need anymore. That cleared up a lot of space, so we were able to organize what we still need better. While we were going through old storage bins, we found something really cool: A postcard from the Sunrayce ’99 solar car race! Sunrayce ’99 was the first competition we entered, with our very first car, Solarcat. Our team, as well as the eco-friendly vehicle and solar power industries, have definitely come a long way since then!

Postcard from Sunrayce ’99, the first competition we entered!

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