Out With the Old, Part 2

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Last weekend, we continued the process of removing the old structural ribs. We used a dremel this time to get a little closer cut, still without damaging the body of the car. In the video below, taken earlier during the work session, we were using a metal tool. Later on we switched to a carbide cut-off wheel, which made things go much faster. Still, we had to stop often to let the dremel cool off to prevent overheating.

There was a scary moment when the array, which had been left outside, picked up the wind and started rolling down the alley, which caused me to promptly drop the dremel on the ground (while it was still on low-speed) and chase the array down. Because of that, the dremel broke and we had to spend some time inside taking it apart and [partially] fixing it. But at least our array didn’t smash into the side of the Ford building!

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