We found a bird!!!

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Last Saturday, in the middle of our work session, a bird suddenly flew and/or fell into the Autobay while the garage door was open! It looked sick or injured and Alex Chambers took care of it, giving it meager accommodations in an empty plastic storage box, before animal control was able to come and handle it.

SAM_0080D SAM_0081D

Another thing we did during the work session was remove the supplementary safety bar, affectionately known as the Anti-Decapitation Device, from the top shell of our car. The Anti-Decapitation Device was added to our car at the race site by request of the race organizers who expressed concern with our previous rollcage design. Our new rollcage has been redesigned to address those concerns, so the Anti-Decapitation Device is no longer necessary–in fact, the new rollcage won’t fit in the car with it in there. The new rollcage is here, and will make it’s appearance on the blog shortly.

SAM_0085D SAM_0083D

The electrical team worked on telemetry design and coding, and also finished up creating some circuit boards in PCB Artist. Here they are discussing how to implement telemetry features:


Last but not least, we wet sanded the bottom shell in preparation for rib installation.

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