Sunday Excursion in SC6

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ALX_0002-001As the final weeks of the school year wrap up, we have finlly begun to seriously test SC6. On Saturday, following our weekly work session we took the car out on the first on-road excursion that it has been on in three years–top shell and all. The car performed very nicely, and there were no gliches in either the electrical or mechanical systems. On Sunday, then, we planned a slightly further excursion north eighteen miles to Lake Forest, IL, and back.


ALX_0005-001 ALX_0010-001

We drove past the Bahai Temple and then up along Sheridan Rd. with a lead and chase car clearing the way. On the road, SC6 got plenty of wowed looks from passerby. The nice weather and long weekend meant that there were lots of bikers and pedestrians outside who saw our vehicle. We had the chance to interact with an interested family during one of our pit stops. The young boys thought that it was cool that our car didn’t use gas.


Once again the car performed very nicely, even on some of the most pothole-laden streets. We successfully made it up to Lake Forest in 2 hours, making only two preventative stops to make sure the car’s systems were all working. Round trip, we put about 36 miles on the car. We plan to do many more excusions and to improve on this figure before the school year is out.


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