Week 7: perfecting electrical system of this year competing car; building SC 7’s frame as designed

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The mechanical team has finished most of the frame. Check out the comparison of the design and the actual work progress! As expected, they perfectly match!



The mechanical team turns over the frame and finishes the welding spots. Alex Silver, a McCormick junior, designs the frame and spends extra time welding more pieces together after Saturday working session.



Alex Silver is carefully welding his “design baby”.



David Geng, a McCormick freshman, is planning to weld more intermediate rods on the current frame but he is being cautious and checking whether the welding on one connection spot is complete or not.



Ben Donahue (left) and Spencer Williams (right), on the electrical team, are testing the system that detects the current coming from the solar panels and sends to drivers to better control driving performance.


NUsolar team is planing to go on a testing trip on Memorial Day weekends. Stay tuned and get excited for SC 6!

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