Gluing the ribs in!

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Earlier this week, we bolted the suspension cage and rollcage to the ribs, in order to align the ribs properly in the car. Then, on Saturday we glued the ribs down onto the shell and did a carbon fiber layup … Read More

We found a bird!!!

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Last Saturday, in the middle of our work session, a bird suddenly flew and/or fell into the Autobay while the garage door was open! It looked sick or injured and Alex Chambers took care of it, giving it meager accommodations … Read More


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We got two very big shipments in recently. The first is the carbon fiber panel we will cut out using a waterjet to make the new structural ribs of our car, provided by ACP Composites. It’s still in its box … Read More

Boeing Grant

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We are very lucky to have learned today that we received support from The Boeing Company through a grant we recently applied for. This grant will help us replace aging or damaged equipment, like our vacuum pump and generator. In … Read More

Carbon Fiber Testing

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We have been testing carbon fiber panels that we purchased from ACP Composites. We plan to use their pre-made carbon fiber-honeycomb panels for more consistent material performance, and to avoid unnecessary labor. Here are some of the tests we have … Read More

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